February 17, 2014

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2241 Woodland Ave.
Cleveland, OH. 44115
Phone: 216-861-6060
FAX: 216-861-3431
Hours: Monday-Friday,
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2241 Woodland Ave.
Cleveland, OH. 44115
Phone: 216-274-0814
FAX: 216-274-0816
Hours: Monday-Friday,
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Greater Cleveland Council Annual Meeting and Recognition Luncheon
 The Greater Cleveland Council 2014 Annual Meeting will be held on March 22, 2014 at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center at 11:30am. The Cuyahoga Valley Career Center is located at 8001 Brecksville Rd. in Brecksville, Ohio. The meeting will be followed by the Council Appreciation & Distinguished Awards Luncheon  from Noon till 1:30pm. For information and registration, please click here!

Baden Powell Institute

On March 22, 2014 the Greater Cleveland Council Training Committee will be presenting under the careful direction of Dave Volek this very special training. The training will be held at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center beginning at 7:30am. The Career Center is located at 8001 Brecksville Rd in Brecksville, Ohio (map).

While this training is not required, it is a fun training that helps volunteers and leaders learn skills to better serve their units and youth. There are training opportunities for all. Cubs, Boy Scouts, Venturing, Commissioners, and Volunteers. Scroll down and see all the exciting opportunities. Your lunch will be provided as part of the Council Recognition Luncheon where we honor this years Silver Beavers.


Not Another Hike!
Not another hike? Sound familiar?  This class will leave your unit begging to go hiking, Topics include, where how and how to plan appropriately.

Fun with Conduit
Fun with Conduit the musical.  Discover how conduit can open your cubs eyes to the wonderful world of music.  Plan on playing the pipes during this session.  No musical ability required!

Putting the Fun in Your Pack Program Planning.
No program is complete unless you're having fun.  This session explores the fun activities and events that each unit should be including in its calendar.

Race Day is a Fun Day
In this session you will discover that everybody has fun at a Pinewood derby!

Play Ball
Discover the fun sports related activities that both youth and adults can play together.

Fun with Volunteers
This session you will learn how adults can have fun too. And in doing so you increase your volunteer pool.

It's dark outside. What to do when it's dark?
This session will help leaders plan for those evenings at camp when the cubs are not ready for bed yet.

Service Projects Can be Fun!
Discover how a well run service project can be both rewarding and fun adults and cubs alike.

Get Outside!
Take your program outdoors and start having fun.  This session tells you how.

God is Cool
A scout is reverent.  Discover how the inclusion of God can open up another opportunity to discover his greatness, and having fun while doing it!

Advancement is Fun
Don't just hand out Badges and awards, Kick it up a notch! Have fun with advancement!

Gone Fishing
Every cub wants to fish.  This session will help you plan a fishing day with your cubs.

Games with a Purpose.
Games are fun, but can there be a lesson or a reason for playing? Find out in this hands on activity.


Conservation Awards
Discover how putting a conservation plan in place can be both fun and rewarding.

Rank advancement not just for scouting but for life!
Discover the life long benefits of Scouting's Advancement program.

The Role of the Eagle Scout Advisor.
Help a Scout discover his own leadership ability.

5 min of Fun for Unit Meetings
Discover the dividends of including just 5 minuets of fun in your unit meeting.

Games with a Purpose.
Games are fun, but can there be a lesson or a reason for playing? Find out in this hands on activity.

Back Packing Basics 101
An introduction to back packing and planning your trip

Back Packing 102
A follow up to back backing basics. It's time to get some gear!

So You Want to be a Merit Badge Counselor?
Discuss what it takes and discover the benefits of exploring hobbies and career choices with youth.

The Scout Masters Minute
Discover the benefits of short inspiring words of wisdom.

The Metro Parks
Discover and discuss opportunities to volunteer and have Eagle Scout projects with in our wonderful Metro Park System.

Wilderness Survival and the Unit program
Does your program include what do to if you encounter a situation while camping or hiking could leave you stranded for a day or two?  Be prepared and learn how to incorporate survival planning into your unit program.

Holding onto Youth.
Retention. Discover the best kept methods to retaining youth in your program.

Patrol Method
How it works and why!

Effective Committee Meetings
Tired of the same old, same old?  Put some fun into your committee meetings and see the positive results.

Fly Fishing for Dummies
Discover in this hands on activity the equipment and techniques need for proper fly fishing.

Troop Planning: Campouts and Skills
Discover how through proper planning your scouts will have fun on campouts learning and discovering new skills

Webelos to Scout; Choosing the Right Troop
Discover ways to encourage youth to join a certain troop or finding one that suits their needs,


Developments and Opportunities
Discover the exciting new developments in venturing and the training that is available for venturing leaders.

Organizing and Staying Active
Discuss including  fun and interesting activities in your planning to keep youth active.

Recognition and Awards.
Program changes are coming discover how they will affect your program and why awards are important.

Organizing High adventure Outings
Discuss those fun and sometimes costly adventures and the proper planning necessary to ensure your success.


Beaumont Summer Camp
This is our camp discover why you need to camp at Beaumont!

What is Wood Badge
Discover the most advanced LEADERSHIP training experience available to Scout leaders today, and why you should attend and what you can expect.

What me Worry: Legal Liabilities
Protect yourself! Discover how a slight violation of BSA policy can cost you money!

What is it that GCC offering 2 courses a year for youth leadership?  Come find out how NYLT will make your unit better and your youth stronger leaders.

The Summit
Discover the Summit, BSA's new High Adventure camp and home for Jamboree. Located a few hours away in Huntington WVA.

Beaumont Camp Master
Ever wanted to be a Campmaster at Beaumont?  Than this class is for you!

Significant BSA Changes
Discover and discuss the important changes happening now and coming in 2015. Get your unit upto date so you can plan accordingly.

Leave No Trace
Discover the advantages of practicing and including Leave no Trace in your Program.

Fun Effective Campfires
Discover what most of us already know that Camp fires are cool.  But did you know you can have a fun and effective campfire w/o violating BSA's policies?

Weekend Specialty Camps
Come explore the best that Beaumont has to offer with the weekend specialty camp programs for your units.

Baden Powell; The Man
We've heard the name, no who was he really?

Cub Scout Day Camp
Discover everything you wanted or need to know about the upcoming and exciting Summer day Camp program! Yee Haw!

Games with a Purpose.
Games are fun, but can there be a lesson or a reason for playing? Find out in this hands on activity.

Fun with Knots
Explore not tying with this nutty duo and learn how to teach as well!

Camp Cards
Discover a new and exciting way to earn your way to Camp!

Commissioners are Helpers, not Spies
Utilizing your commissioner to help you and your unit!

Keeping Your perspective on Your Family As a Scouting Volunteer
Discover the balance between scouts and home!

Commissioners Basic Training
This all day program will certify you as a commissioner in the service to Units!

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 Meet the Camp Director Evenings- February 26 & March 19, 2014

 Come spend an evening and learn what makes Beaumont Scout Reservation SIZZLE for Boy Scout Summer Camp in 2014 with Carl Boyles our Camp Director and Phil Williams Program Director. Their innovative approach to B.S. Summer Camp has made Beaumont Scout Reservation the premier camp for Scouts new & older.

 New Merit Badges & Program offerings will be discussed so your troop can properly prepare for camp this summer. If your troop is not planning on attending Beaumont Summer Camp, we encourage you to come as well, so that will have the opportunity to compare our camp to your troop's expectations this summer. Info/Registration


Greater Cleveland Council B.S.A.
2241 Woodland Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115